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Hamad Abdulrahman Al-Sulaiti

Hamad Abdulrahman Al-Sulaiti

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Name: Hamad Abdulrahman Al-Sulaiti

Championships & Prizes:

– Qatar Touring Car Championship 2020- M240 Class: 10 podiums, fastest lap, 2nd position in the championship.

– Qatar Touring Car Championship 2018: 2 podiums and 5th position in the championship.

– Second position in the first edition of the Qatar Online Racing Championship

– Reached the second round of the finals of the third edition of QORC – World Rally Championship (WRC8)


– All aquatic sports
– Riding both bicycles and motorcycles
– Reading
– Personal development
– Exploring cultural diversity

Something you don’t know about Hamad?

He has a special passion for aviation..

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